REVAMP your menu

rebuild & expand variety meal plan

Add variety to your table, reclaim your time, get inspired and offload your mental load

Increase Variety

Variety is key! Adding variety helps by:

  • Decreasing picky eating

    The more we expose our kids to different flavors, textures, colors etc the more accepting they will be

  • Increasing vitamin and mineral intake

    The best way to get all the nutrients we need is to eat a varied diet.

  • Staying inspired

    Keeping your recipes fresh and exciting helps you stay inspired to cook and create

Save time and energy

Stop wasting time wondering what's for dinner! Or any meal for that matter with this REVAMP system you will:

  • Free up mental space



  • Have a plan to expand the variety your family is exposed to and eats


  • Know exactly what's on the menu when



  • Be able to spend more time with your family


total recipes


easy "base" recipes


variations of each


different whole foods

Reclaim your time and mental space

Cooking for a family is HARD! This system will help. Not only does this system give you the recipes and and the guidance but it gives you a rotation to follow, step by step to take the guesswork out!


It starts with 5 picky eating friendly "base recipes" then uses bridging, and food chaining to add healthy variety to your little ones diet!

REVAMP your menu now for only

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How does it work exactly...

This is a recipe book and meal planning system all in one. There are 5 "base recipes" for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. 


Each "base recipe" is picky eater approved and pretty simple - some even take less than 5 minutes to make! 


Under each "base recipe" there are 5 variations building from the smallest changes to the biggest.


Each week you can build off the base recipe in a way that adds variety without being overwhelming.


This is perfect for picky eaters because it helps them bridge from one accepted meal (base recipe) to another that has more variety!


Some dishes inside include: spiced apple oat waffles (pictured), sweet potato pancakes, spinach and black bean enchiladas, zucchini chocolate muffins, PB&J sushi and so much more...